As a fully integrated real estate investment and development company, Perry Guest Companies derives its success from a framework rooted in strategic asset positioning and maximizing investor returns. Our team’s approach is to identify commercial real estate with untapped value potential for residents, businesses, customers, and ultimately our investors. Our development strategy is a hands-on and analysis-driven process that has been refined through over 50 years of experience and expertise in the marketplace. Our metrics speak for themselves, with many of our projects yielding double digit annual returns and equity multipliers well in excess of 2x.

Perry Guest is laser focused on maximizing value for residents, businesses, customers, and in-turn our investors.

For over a decade, the team at Perry Guest has developed an expertise in identifying, acquiring, developing, and constructing multifamily and other commercial properties in suburban locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth market. Our experts streamline the process from initial inception to divestiture, proactively managing site selection, development plans, capital sourcing, investment syndication, contractor coordination, construction management, investor communications, as well as divestiture and allocation of proceeds. Additionally, the team at Perry Guest understands that a development plan and investment model offer the greatest potential for effective execution when managed by those developing the property and syndicating the investment. For this reason, we have a dedicated team of the best property managers in the business, who have built an expertise in property management and are responsible for the day-to-day management on our developed projects and ensuring successful execution of the Perry Guest vision for our various assets.

A History of Excellence and Expertise:

Site Selection

Development Plans

Contractor Coordination

Real Estate Financing

Joint Ventures

Land Acquisition

Land Development

Construction Management

Cost-Effective Design

Asset Management

Having built, repurposed, or developed over 10,000 multifamily units, Perry Guest has a development team with a diversity of experience as well as a depth of knowledge. Our team’s long history allows us to foresee common development pitfalls, delays, and obstacles – and execute development plans and timelines effectively with such headwinds in mind. You can expect our highly experienced team to execute and deliver quality projects on-time and on-budget.
The bread and butter of development services at Perry Guest is in repurposing of multifamily properties in the Dallas-Fort Worth suburban markets. Our process is simple and transparent – Acquire, Renovate, and Manage.

  • Acquire: Our acquisition process involves a careful selection of sites with value-add or repurpose potential, which involves a thorough review of demographics, community trends, and levels of consumer demand in the area. Execution of acquisition requires capital sourcing, real estate financing, joint venture agreements, contract review, and due diligence.
  • Renovate: The renovation step is where asset value is realized. We combine our understanding of the demographics and market with our team of design and construction experts to convert the property into a space that better meets the needs of residents and the overall community.
  • Stabilization: Following renovation, Perry Guest continues to execute its repurposing vision by placing the asset in the hands of its in-house brokerage and property management team. We market property rentals throughout the marketplace to minimize vacancy rates, while managing the property and ensuring the experience of tenants is up to Perry Guest standards.

The development team at Perry Guest was built around an approach that is now rarely emphasized in the industry – enhance the community experience. Our development experts understand the importance of demographics and consumer demand when assessing the viability of a potential development. This purpose-driven approach permeates Perry Guest’s full development process, from the initial assessment to the quality devoted to an interior buildout or design. This ensures that investor returns are maximized not by focusing centrally on the investor, but rather on the ultimate user or users of the underlying asset.