Perry Guest Capital is a real estate private equity firm and provider of direct placement of real estate investment programs for high net-worth individuals, family offices, wealth managers, and institutional investors. We are focused on preserving wealth for our investors and partners throughout capital and market cycles with our custom designed investment opportunities which are based on expertise in location, product, and risk/reward strategies that our unique to each investment opportunity.

Perry Guest Capital is actively seeking to acquire, along with its investors, single-properties and portfolios in select areas for both existing and redevelopment opportunities. We provide equity partners the opportunity to recapitalize, develop, hold, or re-position properties while achieving the highest returns in the industry by creating high-quality, core-plus, value-add, and opportunistic investments for our partners. Our discretionary capital and equity partners allow us to close quickly on investments that fit our strategic objectives.


Our disciplined, return-focused projections come from risk assessment, and experience through transactions and trends creating superior results. With more than 100 years’ combined experience, our company continues to provide our clients with a disciplined and proven experience.


We know exactly how to properly evaluate prospective investments. Our expertise and deep industry knowledge allow us to properly assess risk and determine right entrance and exit point. Once we own a property, we are masters at maximizing the long-term value.


Our strong entrepreneurial creativity and reputation allows us access to deals that most investors will never see. Being a preferred Investor/Partner gives you access to opportunities you will not find elsewhere.


Our historical performance has produced above market returns on a current annual cash return basis. With our historical annualized returns between 12%-110%, we know when to manage, improve, and sell at all points during capital and market cycles. The pricing of every real estate asset is directly affected by the nuances of the capital markets. Perry Guest monitors these shifts through proprietary information, analysis and sharing. We track the activity of all players in each market including lenders, buyers, investors, reits, opportunity funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, family offices, and advisors throughout the U.S.


  • Proven & Positive Historical Investment Returns
  • Favorable Capital Market Relationships
  • Market Outperformance
  • Entrepreneurial Creativity
  • Management, Acquisition & Disposition Expertise
  • Deep Private & Institutional Capital Access
  • Portfolio Management & Diversification
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Long-Term Relationships with Continued Opportunities
  • Active Partner Participation
  • Smaller Investor Crowdfunding